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XXL Marmitte Italiane becomes a benchmark in the Euro IV – V – VI exhaust system sector according to the anti-pollution regulations in this area.

“We grew up in the hands of our parents and and by doing their values, ours: education and respect for the people and the environment around us, passion and constant research in improving our abilities in order to bring prosperity to us, to our families and our own collaborators.

Now, after years of studies and researches, we are proud to have transformed a family style into a business philosophy and have achieved our main goal: realize a safe, environmentally-friendly, economically viable project for the benefit of future generations. 
This is the vision and mission of the Tortora family company, XXL Marmitte Italiane, which has become reality in the new Greenenergy and DPF / FAP lines.
Developed in a green logic and in keeping with strict and high quality standards, the line aims to become a benchmark in the Euro IV – V – VI exhaust system and to identify itself as “brand” and “know how” to support all eco-sustainable projects.

The goal of the Greenenergy line is to reduce pollutant emissions in the industrial and commercial transport vehicles produced by internal combustion engines by producing Euro IV – V – VI catalysts capable of retaining, through the filters produced with precise materials and function specifications soot and particulate matter contained in the exhaust gases.

Its strengths are:

the high quality of the products, created according to the OE specifications and the Euro IV – V – VI anti-pollution regulations, is the use of the best pipes and silencers, which guarantees the best condition for use in urban and extra-urban environments;

the ability to identify tailor-made solutions for customers making the line able to provide the best deal on catalyst products;

the professionalism of the engineering department that paid close attention to the regeneration / temperature ratio of the filters, identifying a particular chemical formula for the impregnation of the filter-catalyst.

Today, it has led the Greeneergy line of XXL Marmitte Italiane to boast world-wide references, the acquisition of a special patent and the unique recognition of the Italian company as excellence in the aftermarket industry.

Yes we can, yes we have