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Flex pipes Made in Italy tailor made for you !

Flex pipes Made in Italy tailor made for you !

XXL Marmitte Italiane presents the new XXL Flex line specializing in the production of flexible hoses.

With the new production of crimped hoses clenched at foot, the XXL Marmitte Italiane  once again assures a range of products that becomes increasingly complete and of highest quality. In addition, the continuous search for new ideas and new business around the globe has brought about brilliant projects and the latest door to the company’s new line products XXL Flex made through profiling / crimping machines.

For flexible metal tubes are meant the following types of tubes: single or double crimping, galvanized steel and stainless steel 304 for medium and high temperatures, for hot and cold air suction systems, mechanical protection electrical wires, with round or polygonal cross section , for exhaust fumes (in generating sets, in the naval and railway sectors, in the ground and exhaust systems for industrial vehicles).

The pipe thus conceived is suitable for high temperature fumes (typical of exhaust gases) and has an excellent flexibility and longevity. It is also indicated for modifications / elaborations on engines such as diesel and gasoline where the connection point for the muffler / silencer must be move away (for example in the case of generators stationed in closed or soundproofed rooms, underwater engines, construction machinery, etc.). This process makes the tube very resistant to crushing and can be used as a sheath or cable sheath. Additionally, the use of a flexible metal tube is optimal for the absorption of vibrations, discharges and thermal expansion in the exhaust systems of the combustion engines.

The complete and optimal processing of the products is guaranteed by the XXL Marmitte Italiane, which makes it a universal Made in Italy product, which is available in every measure and satisfies the demands of every type of customer as in the case of flexible flanged or sleeved welts. Production with the AISI 304 material is particularly indicated in the toughest climatic conditions, such as in colder countries. The flex pipe so produced is particularly resistant to atmospheric agents and can provide greater reliability and safety to the vehicle.

With these high production standards, the Italian company XXL Marmitte Italiane is able to provide its customers with flexible top range footwear tubes, durable in time and easy to assemble and use.

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XXL Marmitte Italiane Flexpipes

Flex pipe MAN
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XXL Marmitte Italiane Flexpipes

Flex Pipe Renault
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XXL Marmitte Italiane Flexpipes

The XXL MARMITTE ITALIANE machinery specialized in the production of flexible hoses at foot

XXL Marmitte Italiane Flexpipes

The production of flexible hoses at foot of XXL MARMITTE ITALIANE

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