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XXL STOP HEAT: thermal insulation technology

Stop Heat: the thermal insulation technique of XXL Marmitte Italiane

The XXL Marmitte Italiane, constantly seeking innovation in technology, now improves the thermal insulation process (XXL STOP HEAT)

Thermal insulation refers to all systems and operations designed to reduce exchanged heat between two environments at different temperatures.

These techniques are necessary because the reduction of surface temperatures prevents third-party contact damage, such as engine compartments. The exclusive workmanship and quality of the materials used by the XXL Marmitte Italiane during the insulation phase allows to maintain temperatures of 600/700 ° and thus guarantees the stop heat depending on the conditions of use. The final product is designed to be of superior quality, easy to mount and use and durable. In particular, the durability guarantee is certified by the use of materials chosen to be able to withstand the wear of time and kilometers traveled daily by heavy vehicles.

The XXL Marmitte Italiane makes the care of details, precision and professionalism its strength. With over 10,000 Made in Italy codes, with 98% of products in stock, the ability to deliver in 24 hours considering the specific customer needs and a valid guarantee up to 24 months, the italian company has all the numbers to be considered a leader in the aftermarket industry. These characteristics are increasingly appreciated not only in Italy but also at international level where the company is ever more present and constantly expanding.

The target of the XXL Marmitte Italiane is clear and concise: “pointing higher and higher” .

Yes we can, yes we have


fiberglass mattress – 12mm thick


laminated in stainless steel / zinc


example of insulated carter

example of insulated tube

detail of laminated material

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