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XXL Marmitte Italiane Flexpipes

Flex pipes Made in Italy tailor made for you !

Flex pipes Made in Italy tailor made for you ! XXL Marmitte Italiane presents the new XXL Flex line specializing in the production of flexible hoses. With the new production of crimped hoses clenched at foot, the XXL Marmitte Italiane  once again assures a range of products that becomes increasingly complete and of highest quality. In addition, the continuous search […]

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XXL STOP HEAT: thermal insulation technology

Stop Heat: the thermal insulation technique of XXL Marmitte Italiane The XXL Marmitte Italiane, constantly seeking innovation in technology, now improves the thermal insulation process (XXL STOP HEAT) Thermal insulation refers to all systems and operations designed to reduce exchanged heat between two environments at different temperatures. These techniques are necessary because the reduction of surface temperatures prevents […]

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