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Thanks to its made in Italy quality and to the absolute reliability of its range insured by Allianz group, today XXL MARMITTE ITALIANE is well-known as market leader and reference brand among the best manufacturers and wholesalers.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Certificate, a series of  international regulations , dealing with the quality management system aiming at assuring that the products are completely  in compliance with the specific requirements.


The GOST-R Certificate , the certificate assuring the quality of XXL products that are compliant with the regulations of the  Russian Federation.

Tec Doc

XXL Company has now officially become a TecDoc “Certified Data Supplier”. This means that all XXL Marmitte Italiane data meets the highest TecDoc Standards.

TR CU 018

TR CU 018 CERTIFICATE, a document  that guarantees  the compliance of the products with  all the security and quality standards, according  to the Custom Union regulations, valid for Belarus , Russia and Kazakhstan.


Environmental Protection Agency: XXL Catalytic Converters comply with Federal EPA aftermarket Catalytic Converter standards